Druids can now access different wildshapes depending on the Background Feats they choose at level 1 (you must take Druid at level 1 to access these feats!).

These feats are designed to reflect the origin of the Druid.

All the shapes provided are more or less comparable, although some have small differences, such as the panther providing sneak attack, the spider giving a poison attack, the elementals having appropriate resistances to elements, etc. Also attributes can vary a little. Base game wildshape forms received some minor tweaks as well.

Not taking one of these background feats results in the regular forms.

Due to the fact that forms given depending on background feat, the names of the forms have been changed.

Note that while none of the Dex forms grant it, Weapon Finesse -does- work with wildshape.

Bear Shape -> Strength Shape

Basic:  21 STR, 11 DEX, 15 CON, +2 AC, +10 hp. Attacks: Claw 1d4/Claw 1d4/Bite 1d6

Dire: 31 STR, 13 DEX, 19 CON, +7 AC, +20 hp. Attacks: Claw 2d4/ Claw 2d4/ Bite 2d8

Wolf Shape -> Dexterous Shape

Basic: 15 STR, 21 DEX, 11 CON, +1 AC, +6 hp. Attacks: Claw 1d6

Dire: 19 STR, 31 DEX, 13 CON, +6 AC +12 hp. Attacks: Claw 1d8

Boar Shape -> Resilient Shape

Basic: 15 STR, 11 DEX, 21 CON, +3 AC, +18 hp. Attacks: Gore 1d8

Dire: 19 STR, 13 DEX, 31 CON, +8 AC, +36 hp. Attacks: Gore 1d8

Badger Shape -> Special Shape

Basic: 13 STR, 19 DEX, 15 CON, +2 AC, +14 hp. Attacks: Claw 1d3/Claw 1d3/Bite 1d6

Dire: 17 STR, 25 DEX, 21 CON, +7AC, +28 hp. Attacks: Claw 1d4/Claw 1d4/Bite 1d6

All shapes gain multiattack with their greater forms.

Selectable Background FeatsEdit

Druid of the Woods

Druid of the Elements

Druid of the Jungle

Druid of the Desert

Druid of the Underdark

Druid of the Cold/Mountains

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