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Invocation Spell Resistance bug has been fixed.

Warlock Blast can now benefit from Sneak Damage on Spells.

Warlock Buddy - allows you to autocast Hideous Blow every round.

Eldritch Adept - This feat replaces the 16 Warlock requirement of Eldritch Master and is granted to certain classes.

New and Changed Invocations Edit

Baleful Geas - Dominates target

Baleful Polymorph - Changes target into an animal.

Dark Discorporation - Allows the warlock to shift into a dark fog.

Deafening Roar - Deafens targets in a cone.

Utterdark Blast - For balance reasons the Negative Energy damage will not heal Undead players or NPCs.

Word of Changing - Has alignment based forms.

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