The Trapping System allows PCs to lay traps to attract animals in wilderness areas. These animals can then be killed, captured, or freed for a variety of rewards.

Setting Traps Edit

Traps are items which may be purchased from the merchant in the Brux Waterfall area. There are traps for small (easiest), medium, and large (hardest) game. To set a trap, use it in a wilderness area.

Currently, trapping will only work in the Brux areas.

Traps may not be set in close proximity to each other, or in "settled" areas (i.e. around npcs or some transitions).

Traps will disappear after 10 minutes if they have not been sprung. They can also be manually removed.

Skill Use Edit

Traps make use of Hide, Move Silently, and Set Trap (or Dexterity if Set Trap is not trained).

Hide / Move Silently - Animals are shy. If the PC is within a certain distance of the trap, or the animal, their stealth will be compared to the animal's spot / listen skills in order to determine whether the animal gets spooked. If the PC is not in stealth, and too close, the animal will automatically be spooked. Scared animals may either flee or attack, depending on how vicious they are.

Set Trap / Dexterity - When an animal approaches a trap, a Set Trap or Dexterity check is made by the PC with the DC set by the particular animal. If the check is successful, the PC may be awarded a small amount of experience (based on their skill rank / ability score).

Animals Edit

Animals are set on a per-area basis. Thus, what you find in Brux will probably not be what you find in Karasuthra (pending addition). There are five possible animals for every size class, and some are more common than others. The very rare animals often have special perks (or penalties) associated with freeing or killing them.

Most animals can be Killed or Freed, and some can be Captured. Killing an animal will usually give you gold, and possibly an item (alchemical component). Capturing an animal will usually give you a "pet" token which you can use to summon it again. Freeing the animal allows it to gallop off to safety. Certain animals will turn on you when you try to free them. Other rare or sentient animals may reward you for your kindness.

Animals will only spawn at a set rate. Multiple traps will not accelerate this rate (though they may allow you to avoid pauses in spawning).

Brux Edit

Small Animals

  • Rabbit (common)
  • Pheasant
  • Mink
  • Snake
  • Lucky Rabbit (very rare)

Medium Animals

  • Deer (very common)
  • Stag
  • Wolf
  • Bobcat
  • White Stag (very rare)

Large Animals

  • Boar (very common)
  • Bear
  • Panther
  • Unicorn (rare)
  • Young Green Dragon (very rare) - cannot be caught, but will rampage when it realizes you have tried to catch it.

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