Text emphasis can be used when renaming items, creating descriptions, in regular chat or when sending tells, or in many other cases where a text box is presented for input (although not all cases!)

Please note, due to wiki automatically formatting any commands contained within these symbols < >,  below in descriptions they will be displayed with spaces between them. When using in game, do not put spaces.

Basic stylesEdit

Text can be italicized by using < i > at the start of the text you want in italics and < /i > at the end of it.

Bold is similiar, except the letter b is used. < b > and < /b >


Text can be given a different colour (although some game mechanics can override this) by using the < c=color > and < /c > tags.

This by doing this < c=red >This is red< /c > i can produce: 
This is red

For a list of colours, look here: List of colours valid in NWN2

Automatic text coloringEdit

Click the Colored Text button in PC Tools to toggle automatic text coloring for messages that your character sends. Automatic coloring applies to *emote text* or (( OOC text )). This setting is remembered on a per-character basis.

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