The summoned shadow now appears in the Henchman slot rather than the Summon slot. In addition, these shadows scale by level, starting with an Undead 1/Rogue 7 shadow (with incorporeality). At 6th level, this upgrades to an Undead 1/Rogue 2/Assassin 8 shadows, while at 9th level this becomes a Shadow Demon (Outsider 1/Rogue 5/Assassin 8). For those characters who take the full progression of Shadowdancer and gain an effective level of 25th (including LA), there's a paragon form that will remain a (hopefully) very pleasant surprise...

Note for legacy characters: If you have a character who had this feat before this change was made, you will need to speak to a DM about granting you the Release Binding feat. The feat number is 2655.

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