Gifted with a sliver of psionic power, the Soulknife makes the most of this limited power, using it to create a weapon of pure mental energy which he or she masters, closer to his or her weapon then any warrior. Never caught unarmed, the Soulknife is the literal interpretation of using the power of the mind as a weapon. Versatile and varied, the Soulknife can be found in all shapes and sizes, wielding blades unique to the wielder and customized to fit the needs of the Soulknife. Fluid in function, the Soulknife has mastered how to alter her mind blade to fit the situation, bringing power and versatility into any combat.

Class Features: Edit

- Hit Die: d8

- Base Attack Bonus: High.

- High Saves: Reflex, Will

- Weapon Proficiencies: Simple and Martial weapons

- Armor Proficiencies: Light and Medium armors, Shields (But not tower shields)

- Skill Points: 2 + Int modifier.

- Class Skills: Concentration, Craft Armor, Craft Weapon, Hide, Intimidate, Listen, Lore, Move Silently, Parry, Spot, Taunt, Tumble.

Form Mind Blade : A Soulknife can create a weapon of pure mental energy called a Mind Blade. All of the Soulknife's abilities only work with a mind blade, unless stated otherwise. This weapon has an enhancement bonus that increases as the Soulknife's level increases. This weapon can have three form, which the Soulknife can change every time he forms his Mind Blade.

  • Two-handed blade : The Mind Blade takes takes the form of a greatsword. If the Soulknife is of Small size, he forms a longsword instead. (WARNING: Soulknifes with the Monkey Grip feat never gain the additional benefits from using a Two-Handed blade.)
  • Single blade : The Mind Blade takes the form of a longsword. If he is Small or has Weapon finesse feat, he forms a shortsword instead.
  • Twin blades : The Mind Blade forms into two short swords with equal properties. If the Soulknife is Small sized, he forms daggers instead

Psychic Strike : A Soulknife can charge his weapon with additional mental energy to deliver a burst of psychic damage. When Psionically Focused, a hit will deal Psychic Strike damage on it's target and consume the Soulknife's focus. Every round, he will then attempt to regain his focus by making a DC 20 Concentration check. This DC increases by 10 every time he successfully regains Psionic Focus, and decreases by 5 every time he fails (or does not need to regain focus). Creatures immune to mind affecting spells are immune to Psychic Strike.

Blade Skill : The Soulknife can choose a special bonus feat from the list of Blade Skills.

Least Mind Blade Property : The Soulknife can add one of the following properties to his Mindblade. He can switch them around at will. Twin Blades always have the same properties.

  • Burning Passion : +1d4 fire damage. (+1d6 for the two-handed form)
  • Cold Intellect : +1d4 cold damage (+1d6 for the two-handed form)
  • Quicksilver Blade : Weapon is treated as alchemical silver.
  • Primal Iron Blade : Weapon is treated as cold iron.
  • Duo-Dimentional Blade : Keen.

Lesser Mind Blade Property : The Soulknife can add one of the following properties to his Mindblade. He can switch them around at will. Twin Blades always have the same properties.

  • Feverish Corrosion : +5 acid damage. (+8 for the two-handed form)
  • Electric Inspiration : +1d10 electric damage. (+2d8 for the two-handed form)
  • Moral Blade : +1 magic damage against evil if the Soulknife is Good. The same is true for Lawful, Evil and Chaotic. (+2 for the two-handed form)
  • Ghosttouch Blade : Bonus feat : Blindfight.
  • Mindvenom : -1d2 CON poison, DC 20

Greater Mind Blade Property : The Soulknife can add one of the following properties to his Mindblade. He can switch them around at will. Twin Blades always have the same properties.

  • Strength of Morality : +1d6 damage who's type depends on the Soulknife's alignement. Divine for Good, Magic for neutral and Negative for Evil. (+2d4 for the two-handed form)
  • Edge of Ethics : Status effect on hit, DC26, 2 round. Effect depends on the Soulknife's alignement. Lawful = Slow, Neutral = Daze (50% chance), Chaotic = confusion.
  • Mind Drinker : Vampiric regeneration +2 (+3 for the two-handed form)
Blade Skills
Dazzling Blade As a full-round action, the Soulknife can emit a burst of light from his blade. All enemies around him must make a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 Soulknife levels + CHA) or be blinded for a number of rounds equal to the Soulknife's Charisma modifier. Enemies who succeed the save instead take -2 to hit. 1 minute cooldown.
Evasion The Soulknife gains the Evasion class feature.
Improved Enhancement The Soulknife's Mind Blade gains an additional +1 enhancement bonus.
Knife to the Soul The Soulknife can activate this ability, cycling between any of the three mental stats (INT, WIS, CHA). When he hits with a Psychic Strike, half the dice of damage (rounded up) are converted to an equal number of points of ability damage in the chosen stat. A creature who falls to 0 in a stat because of Knife to the Soul is instantly slain.
Mind Shield The Soulknife gains a shield bonus equal to his INT when manifesting his mind blade, up to +3.
Improved Mind Shield The Soulknife's Mind Shield bonus increases by 1, and the cap increases to +6.
Powerful Strikes Psychic Strike deals an additional dice of damage.
Reaper's Blade When the Soulknife slays a foe, he automatically recharges his Psionic Focus, and his focusing DC is reduced by 10.
Spinal Tap Psychic Strike deals half the number of damage dice (rounded up) to creatures immune to mind-affecting spells.
Strength of my Enemy When you hit a target who's Strength is higher then yours, you gain a enhancement bonus to strength for 1 minute equal to the difference between your Strength and theirs, up to +5.
Wing Clip As an instant action, the Soulknife can activate Wing Clip. His next attack that hits within 1 round forces the target to make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 Soulknife level + 2 * CHA modifier) or be snared for two rounds. Enemies that succeed on the save have their movement speed decreased by 50% for one round. 30 seconds cooldown.
Epic Blade Skills
Delirium Strikes Targets hit by your Mind Blade must make a will save (DC 10 + Soulknife level + CHA modifier). If they fail, they suffer a 5% miss chance for each point of your Charisma modifier for three rounds. These are added multiplicatively.
Epic Mind Shield Your Mind Shield's bonus increases by another +1, and the cap increases to +9.
Epic Strength of my Enemy The cap for Strength of my Enemy increases to +9.
Mind Crush When you hit a target with your Mind Blade, your target must make a Reflex save or be knocked down. The DC is equal to 10 + 1/2 Soulknife level + CHA (Or 2*CHA if you are using the two-handed Mind Blade). A target can't be affected by Mind Crush more then once per minute.
One Thousand Cuts Hits add an Exposure stack on the target, then deal one point of magic damage for every two stacks of Exposure.
Reverberating Psyche Dealing Psychic Strike damage causes the target to be hit again by psychic strike the next round for half as many dice, rounded down, until no dice are left.
1 Form Mind Blade, +1 Mind Blade
2 +2 Mind Blade
3 Psychic Strike +1d8
4 Blade Skill, +3 Mind Blade
5 Least Mind Blade Property
7 Psychic Strike +2d8, +4 Mind Blade
8 Blade Skill
10 Lesser Mind Blade Property
11 Psychic Strike +3d8, +5 Mind Blade
12 Blade Skill
15 Psychic Strike +4d8
16 Blade Skill, +6 Mind Blade
17 Greater Mind Blade Property
19 Psychic Strike +5d8
20 Blade Skill
22 +7 Mind Blade, Epic Blade Skill
23 Psychic Strike +6d8
25 Epic Blade Skill
27 Psychic Strike +7d8
28 Epic Blade Skill
29 +8 Mind Blade
30 Epic Blade Skill

WARNING: Creatures of a size other then Medium or Small will not receive Mind Blades that scale with their size.

WARNING: Soulknife abilities only work when using a Mind Blade.

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