Awakened Skeleton Edit


Skeletons are animated bones of the dead, mindless automatons that obey the orders of their evil masters. However, sometimes a necromancer or other caster (via Awaken Undead spell), or perhaps through a freak magic or divine will, will imbue a skeleton with intelligence. It may also restore fragments of memories or knowledge from the skeleton's past life. A skeleton is seldom garbed in anything more than the rotting remnants of any clothing or armor it was wearing when slain.

  • Ability Adjustments: +2 Dexterity, -2 Intelligence, -6 Charisma
  • Darkvision: Undead can see in the dark up to 60'.
  • Damage Resistance: A skeleton has Damage Resistance 5/Bludgeoning.
  • Cold Immunity: A skeleton is immune to cold damage.
  • Undead Properties: Undead are immune to sleep, mind-affecting, charm, paralysis, death, energy drain, ability damage, and ability drain effects. They are not subject to poisons, diseases, critical hits, or sneak attacks. They are harmed by positive energy and healed by negative energy.
  • Favored Class: None. Awakened undead retain some of their skills from their past life.
  • Level Adjustment: +1.

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