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Welcome, addle-cove! Welcome to the worlds beyond your world, the great wheel of the cosmos. This is a great place! Where else can a poor sod mingle with minions of the great powers, or sail the astral ocean, or visit the flaming courts of the City of Brass, or even battle fiends on their home turf? Hey, welcome to the lands of the living and the dead!

This wiki holds all mechanics and RP information about the Sigil: City of Doors, a Neverwinter Nights 2 Persistent World using the Planescape setting. Take a look around!

In order to play at Sigil you will need Neverwinter Nights and both expansions (You can get them here ) . Once you have them, take a look here, how to get started . A look at the Server Rules also wont hurt ;)


*****05/28/18 Update

  • Krampus is back; free relevels for all!
  • New Crafting System
  • New Enchanting System
  • New Gemstones (and mining of gemstones; for the crafting system)
  • New Essences (for crafting)
  • Stealth Update (every character gets free weapon finesse, Feint no longer has any prerequisites, 5d6 sneak attack will grant Epic Precision, rogues will be able to take Hide in Plain Sight as a special ability, Rangers get many new spells and feats)
  • Lots of new hair options - human / elf / halfling, male / female (only available at character creation currently)
  • Monsters/Treasure in Karasuthra mountain path
  • New Magma area with links to Earth / Plane of Fire
  • New helmets and armor parts
  • Slag Starter Quest
  • Modron update (Monodrone and Duodrone)
  • Succubi should be able to be bards
  • Improvements to Fellblade's Curses

*****02/26/18 Update

The City of Doors is different

Ps ms 008a
Sigil is a neutral place where all kind of creatures meet - Devils, Devas, Giants, Feys and even Dragons show up once a time. How does that work? The Harmonium, the largest of the fifteen factions of Sigil, is responsible for the peace within the city (not everywhere). It does not matter if you are an astral deva or a red dragon. Violate the harmonium's laws and you end in jail.


Sigil is governed by the rule of three: The Harmonium arrest, the Guvners try, and the Mercykillers sentence and punish the guilty. A lawful evil Baatezu might join the Harmonium so he can bring the paladin, that just stalked a chaotic evil succubus, into jail, while an Archon might join the Guvners to set the Paladin free. It may also occur that a Mercykiller Deva and a Mercykiller Baatezu work together to deliver a sentence to an escaped prisoner, although with different motivation behind.

One could say that alignments are lived through factions rather then through direct confrontation (although that sometimes happens, too).

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