SCoD stores all characters on the servervault, meaning you do not have direct access to your saved characters.

The server will save your character at certain points, or you can tell the game to save manually by using PC Tools or your Essence.

There is a 5 minute timeout between saves to avoid people flooding the server with frequent saves. Otherwise the game will save when:

You rest

You transition (most areas, not all)

You exit the game

Disable Auto-save on transition

This feature was implemented to try and help players who use wildshape. The save (export) mechanism temporarily takes anyone who is polymorphed back to their original shape before saving (to avoid issues with save files). The problem with this is their creature weapons/hides lose any spells that target them, the most glaring ones being (Greater) Magic Fang and Jagged Tooth.

There are other possible fixes, but enabling player to disable auto-save was the simplest by far (excluding doing nothing), so the route we chose.

For further information see: Chat Commands

NOTE: DMs will not take any responsibility for items/XP/whatever lost due to disabling of auto-save.

It is only recommended to be used by those who use polymorphs in conjunction with spells such as those mentioned.

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