Prerequisite: Psion 1

Innate Level: 1

All psions, regardless of Discipline or expertise level, are able to manifest crude (but effective) tendrils of psychic and kinetic energy as an act of will that lash out at their foes. This power is completely ineffective against targets that are immune to Mind-Effecting Spells.

This elementary psionic assault initially deals 1d4 magical damage, and forces the target to make a Will save (DC 12 + Psion's Int Modifier) vs. one of two effects: if the target is a psion, a failed save results in Power Point loss equal to twice the physical damage sustained, otherwise the target is Confused for 1d2 rounds.

Psionic Lash increases its damage output by an additional 1d4 points of magical damage for every 3 levels of psion, to a maximum of 10d4 for a 28th level psion.

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