Distilled Black Lotus Extract Edit

  • 3d6 CON damage primary + 10-round sleep / 3d6 CON damage secondary
  • DC 33 Fortitude to negate; DC 27 Will to resist sleep
  • Cost: 3500 gold, Black Lotus Extract
  • Skill Requirement: Craft Alchemy 20

Distilled Dragon Bile Edit

  • 3d8 STR damage primary / 3d8 CON damage + 10d10 fire damage secondary
  • DC 40 Fortitude to negate; no save vs. fire damage
  • Cost: 5000 gold, Dragon Bile
  • Skill Requirement: Craft Alchemy 25

Distilled Strong Spider Venom Edit

  • 2d4 DEX damage + 50% chance to paralyze for 10 rounds primary / 1d6 CON damage secondary
  • DC 20 Fortitude to negate; DC 10 Fortitude to resist paralysis
  • Cost: 1000 gold, Spider Venom Gland
  • Skill Requirement: Craft Alchemy 10

Distilled Weak Spider Venom Edit

  • 1d6 CON damage primary / 2d6 CON damage secondary
  • DC 15 Fortitude to negate
  • Cost: 200 gold, Spider Venom Gland
  • Skill Requirement: Craft Alchemy 5

Distilled Wyvern Sting Edit

  • 2d6 CON damage + daze for 3 rounds primary / 2d6 CON damage secondary
  • DC 25 Fortitude to negate; DC 20 Will to resist daze
  • Cost: 2000 gold, Wyvern Poison
  • Skill Requirement: Craft Alchemy 15

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