PC tools 

PC Tools are accessed by right clicked an empty space and selecting them from the drop down menu. It gives the player a great deal of utility with its many IC and OOC effects. The menu has six buttons and four tabs with many selections within.

This is the PC tools menu with the miscellaneous tab expanded 


Out of the top six buttons, there are several notable features. Save Character: This function is broken, use ‘Your Essence’ to save your character. Safe Location: This function is also broken. Build Campfire/ Pitch Tent: Both of these create placeables. The campfire can be used to destroy trash items. Toggle AFK: Causes a yellow AFK button to appear above your characters head, click again to hide.

Die Rolls This tab mimics the DMFI’s rolling tools with the option of rolling privately.

Emotes This tab allows you to select from many different animations for your character to hold, along with various props to make the animations more believable. You can remove props by <Here>

Miscellaneous The Miscellaneous tab includes several special features, highlights being.

Remove: Removes campfires and tents. Animations: Additional emotes. Closeness: Closeness turns off your character’s collision so they are not knocked away by other PCs, NPCs, or even doors. It is meant to avoid constant bumping due to close RPing, stealth, and escape walk-mesh and door glitches.  Freeze: Stops your character mid emote/animation. Release Spells: <Unsure> Grapple, Melee Touch, Ranged Touch, Melee Attack, Ranged Attack: These buttons allow your character to make the attack roll against the selected PC/NPC. While useful tools, they do not properly function with all AC, weapon finesse, or characters being flat-footed.

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