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Many new feats have been added to the game.

Heritage: Edit

Psionically Gifted

Background: Edit

General: Edit

Break Oath

Craft Construct

Armor Optimization:

Martial Arts

Metamagic: Edit

Corpse Crafter

Necromantic Might

Barbarian: Edit

Totem Barbarian

Tribal Barbarian

Fighter: Edit

Creature Weapon

  • Weapon Profiency (Creature Weapon)
  • Weapon Focus (Creature Weapon)
  • Weapon Specialization (Creature Weapon)
  • Greater Weapon Focus (Creature Weapon)
  • Greater Weapon Specialization (Creature Weapon)
  • Epic Weapon Focus (Creature Weapon)
  • Epic Weapon Specialization (Creature Weapon)

Cleric: Edit

Druid: Edit

Druid Origin

Psion: Edit

Psionic Focus

Greater Psionic Focus

Expanded Power Pool

Metapsionics: Extend Power

Metapsionics: Empower Power

Metapsionics: Maximize Power

Metapsionics: Twin Power

Kinetic Defense

Improved Psionic Lash

Changes to existing Feats: Edit

Heritage Feats: Edit

Racial Feats: Edit

General Feats: Edit

  • Craft Wand: The cost to create a wand have been reduced.
  • Scribe Scroll: The costs to create a scroll have been reduced.
  • Brew Potion: The costs have been reduced and new potion (like +8 str) have been introduced.
  • Use Posion: Duration depends on Blackguard and Assassin Levels and new poisons have been introduced.
  • Dinosaur Companion: replaced by Improved Animal Companion.
  • Persistent Spell: can be selected as a wizard bonus feat.

Class Feats: Edit

  • Details for each class specifically can be found here.
  • Improved Uncanny Dodge: now grants full immunity to sneak attacks.

Epic Feats: Edit

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