The NPC remote can be purchased from the merchant in the OOC room.

The NPC remote allows limited control over your summons, henchmen, animal companions, or whatever else, even familiars, although since you can take direct control of them there is little need.

IMPORTANT: Many functions of the NPC remote will fail or behave erratically unless you put the NPC into a passive mode. Either by right clicking on them and setting their behaviour to "Stand Ground", or by turning on puppet mode by going to the behaviour tab on their character sheet (Examine them to bring this up).

The current version of the NPC remote allows the following features:

1) Move the NPC: Allows limited control by moving forwards, backwards, and rotating. It can be a little fiddly, especially when you tell them to move backwards so they rotate and then you tell them to move backwards again.... it gets a little confused with that sometimes, but youll get the hang of it.

2) Equip/Unequip weapons: If the creature has a weapon (and shield) in its hands, it can be instructed to unequip. Don't worry, in a combat situation it will automatically equip a weapon based on its AI settings. If it had some weapon equipped and you tell it it equip, it will equip its last used weapon, or failing that, any weapon it has.

3) Give items: A little more tricky. Firstly you have to "tag" the npc by using the remote on it and selecting the tag option. Then you use the remote on an item in your inventory. If the item is an equippable item, and the NPC can use it, then it will take it and equip it (also removing anything that happened to be in that slot). If its not an equippable item, then it may or may not allow the transfer. As of this time the following non-equippable items may be given to an NPC:

  • Potions
  • Healing Kits

4) Play certain animations, such as dancing.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: Anything you give to an NPC you can consider lost for good. If they die, there is a chance you will get items back, but if they unsummon naturally or are otherwise dismissed, they will disappear with all their posessions. Keep this in mind. DMs will not reimburse items lost due to use of the NPC remote.

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