If at any point your alignment changes to non-lawful, certain of your monk abilities will cease to function.

Unarmed Damage Progression:

Level Small Medium Large Huge
1 1d4 1d6 1d8 1d6**
4 1d6 1d8 2d6 1d8**
8 1d8 1d10 2d8 1d10**
12 1d10 2d6 3d6 2d6**
16 2d6 2d8 3d8 2d8**
20 2d8 2d10 4d8 2d10**
24 2d10 3d8 6d6 3d8**
28 3d8 3d10 6d8* 3d10**

Large Races are these.

*only Half-Ogre can reach this value.

** hardcoded. Huge monks were never imaginated I guess.

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