How to Gain More Money?

First and foremost, know what items to keep for trade and what to simply sell to NPC. Low powered items such as +1 and +2 bear little to no real market value so for those mostly simply sell to NPC merchant unless you intend to sell them to low level PCs yourself.

There's 3 reliable ways to gain more jink relatively and somewhat easily.

  1. Quests: Do quests, especially in begin, and remember that they are repeatable once per server reset, it is not a bug, but a feature. While the reward may initially seem little, stack them together and you have pretty fast and easy profit. Also it can work well for the way number two.
  2. Kill things and scavenge their possessions: Yeah it doesn't sound very glorifying, but it is reliable way to gain profit. Nearly each kill earns you 1-20 gold pieces and possible loot, not to mention chests of treasure you may find along the way.
  3. Become Merchant: Indeed it is a career choice, as mentioned earlier our system is designed for player to player interaction. If you have goods people want, you can make quick profit, perhaps even buy from travelers to sell them for profit. Enchanting abilities can bring further ease, or if you think you can provide service rather than tangible goods you can attempt that as well.

Sigil has a wide variety of different currency, most notable to everyone will is Jink, or as better known to people "Gold Coins". Some beings out there however may only trade in certain currencies, but worry not about the way to gain these since just having jink will get you far. There is at least one known money exchange person residing within the Great Bazaar.

Note: The different currencies plays a useful role for storing money with only small expense, this helps you to avoid penalties imposed by death and respawn as it only removes gold upon taking.

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