School: Evocation

Spell level: Sorcerer/Wizard 8; innate 8

Descriptor: Law

Components: Verbal, somatic

Range: Long

Area of Effect: Huge

Duration: Instant

Save: Special

Spell resistance: Yes

Description: The true, logical justice of Primus shall be delivered unto the illogical, as pure energy descends from Mechanus. This spell summons the ultimate form of 'equalization' from Primus: A huge energy blast that comes from the very heart of Mechanus and fires toward the target specified. However, only the most organized and machine-like minds are capable of fully comprehending and controlling the ultimate expression of Law's power. When cast by a caster of the Lawful alignment, the arcane principles that activate and enable the cannon are utilized to their fullest potential, causing the spell to deal 30d3 +1 per caster level with a maximum damage of 10 of magical damage. A caster of neutral alignment (with respect to the law/chaos axis) will only understand parts of the formulae and thus will halve the potential damage of the spell. A chaotic caster will barely understand the rudamentary aspects of the Cannon's workings and as such will have a much more difficult time directing its blast (allowing the targets to make a reflex save to halve the already halved damage).

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