The Lady’s Ward is as silent and watchful as a chessboard. No move goes unnoticed or unchallenged here, so pawns and bit players die in droves - that’s pawns like you and me, cutter. Watch who you cross, and beware of who you’re seen with; it don’t pay to have the wrong enemies (or the wrong friends) here.

The ward's open and spacious as the hearts of its rulers're closed and cramped. Every main street's cold, broad, and echoing, and a cutter can see huge swathes of the sky - more than anywhere else in the city. Most Cagers don't care of the view, 'cause the view's a bit too big. From the edge, some say a cutter can see right into that endless Void, and a cutter knows that fall is infinite. Truth is, you just see black. And you never hit the bottom, you just die along the way. It's a convenient way to get rid of bodies "quietly" in this part of town.

Off the main streets, the ward is a little more like the rest of town. The alleys are full of sharp corners, with lights shining from recessed windows. They're a good half-dozen public clock towers in the square, all of which run forward, then backward, from peak to antipeak. Drives the modrons half-mad, it does, but attempts to make these clocks run forward always fail.

Its called The Lady's Ward (a Cager can hear the capital T) after the Lady of Pain. Not that she lives here more than anywhere else, its just that she keeps her tools here: the City Barracks, the Court, the Prison, and the Armory - all the things that define her power and enforce her will. Since power attracts power, bloods set their cases in The Lady's Ward.

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