A newly risen race of powerful fey, the Killoren blend nature’s patience and power with the ambition and aggression of the humanoid races. The ancient places of the world stir with a power of their own. From this power, the killoren have sprung in answer to the growing might of the humanoid races. Whether the work of some great nature deity or the spontaneous creation of the wild power of nature itself, Killoren are at once young and eternal, newly brought to the world but with unknowably ancient ties to the heart of nature. As fey, killoren have a tie to nature unmatched by the humanoid races, but unlike other fey, Killoren are not content to wait in the dark recesses of the dwindling forests. Killoren are aggressive, ambitious manifestations of nature’s presence and power, and they walk through the cities of man as easily as they meditate in the glades of a verdant forest

Killoren resemble half-elves in figure, with skin colors typically brown or green. The color of their hair varies depending on which aspect of nature they are currently channeling, and their emotions.

Racial Traits Edit

Ability Adjustments: None

Low-Light Vision: Killoren can see in the dark up to 30 feet.

Immunity to Sleep: Like elves, Killoren are immune to sleep.

Hardiness vs. Enchantements: Killoren gain +2 to their saving throws against enchantment spells and effects.

Nature's Senses: A Killoren gains a +2 bonus to Survival in all environments and a +2 bonus to Search and Spot while in wilderness areas.

Aspect of the Seasons: A Killoren can channel the might of the seasons, gaining both an ability and a physical trait representing that season. The channeled season is often linked to the Killoren's emotional state, though some Killoren are known to pick a favored season and almost never leave it.

Summer's Glory—Joy, Satisfaction, Pride: The Killoren gains a +1 bonus to hit. It's hair turns a dark brown, like the bark of a mighty oak.

Autumn's Gloom—Fear, Anger, Jealousy: The Killoren gains the Aura of Despair feat. It's hair turns a vibrant orange-red, like falling leaves.

Winter's Loss—Sorrow, Apathy, Melancholy, Regret: The Killoren gains a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class. It's hair turns a crisp, pure white, like a blanket of freshly fallen snow.

Spring's Rise—Hope, Excitement, Love: The Killoren gains the Aura of Courage feat. It's hair turns a lively green, like a newly sprouted leaf.

Level Adjustment: +0

Favored Class: None

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