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Archons are Celestial beings native to Mount Celestia. They are the natural enemies of fiends, particularly demons. Hound Archons, in particular, seek to defend the innocent and the helpless against evil, usually doing so in the service of a deity of good or a member of the Celestial Hebdomad.

A Hound Archon looks like a tall, well-muscled human with a canine head. Their broad shoulders and meaty fists mark Hound Archons as able combatants, while their strong legs indicate that fleeing enemies won’t get very far. 

Racial Traits: Edit

Ability Adjustments: +2 Strength,+2 Constitution, +1 Wisdom, +1 Charisma 

Darkvision: Hound Archons can see in the dark up to 60 feet.

Archonic Immunity: Hound Archons are 50% immune to electricity, and immune to petrification. These immunities grow stronger for those who advance in the Archon Hero racial prestige class. 

Natural Armor: Hound Archons have supernaturally enhanced flesh, granting them a natural armor (stacking) bonus of +2.

Poison Resistance: Archons have a +4 racial bonus on saves against poison.

Scent: The character is able to track hidden or invisible enemies at a range determined by their Survival skill.

Track: The character has the ability to find and read tracks, but he moves slowly while doing so. This feat depends upon the Survival skill.

Alternate Form: A Hound Archon can assume canine form at will. While in canine form, the Hound Archon gains a +4 circumstance bonus on Hide and Survival checks.

Spell Resistance: Hound Archons have innate spell resistance of 11 + character level. 

Favored Class: Paladin.

Level Adjustment +2: Hound Archons are more powerful and gain levels more slowly than other races. It will take more experience for a Hound Archon to reach level 2 than it would for normal races, for example

A Hound Archon may take levels in the Hound Archon Hero racial prestige class.