Minions can be hired at several places to assist you on your journeys.

  • The Night Market in the Hive Ward offers Thugs (fighter) and Rogues. As example the level 5 Thug costs 780 gold and is a good investion at earlier levels. With the NPC Control Tool (gained at OOC room or at root-of-nine) and the still stand command they can be given alchemistic weapons for wererats or unseelie feys.
  • Root-of-Nine in the Merkhant Warehouse offers Artillery (warlock) and Combat (monk) Constructs, which have 10 DR/Adamantine. Like the thug and the rogue, this golems start with level 5 and cost 780 gold.
  • The Temple of the Abyss offers demonic truenames for Hezrou (10), Palrethee (8), Bar-Luga (6), Shadow demon (10) and other demons. They all have their unique statistics and are more expensive.
  • Mnitvaak in Undersigil offers slaad stones. Slaads have innate healing ability and multiattack, allowing them to attack three times per round. Red Slaad (7) and Blue Slaad (8) are the cheapest of the stones.

See also Slaves.

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