Hill Giants are selfish, cunning brutes who survive through hunting and raiding. Reckless brutes of incredible strength but little wit, Hill Giants are never truly accepted into civilized society. However, they do well on its edges and frontiers, forging a strong and profitable existence. Despite their rugged appearance and great size, their basically humanoid shape makes it easy for them to relate with more civilized folk.

Hill giant - Jason Engle

Requirements Edit

Race: Hill Giant

Class Features Edit

Hit Die: d10

Base Attack Bonus: High

High Saves: Fortitude

Skill Points: 2 + Int Modifier

Class Skills: Intimidate, Listen, Search, Spot

Total Class Levels: 5

Giant Attributes: Hill giants gain an additional +2 to strength at 1st  and 3rd, and +3 at 5th level, giving them a total (including racial bonus) of +11; they also gain an additional +1 to constitution at 2nd level and +2 at 4th level, giving them a total (including racial bonus) of +5.

Natural Armor: At each level, one additional point of bonus (non-stacking) is gained.

Power Attack: Hill giants gain the Power Attack faet at first level.

Cleave: Hill giants gain the Cleave feat at 2nd level.

Giant Stride: At second level, a hill giant is able to take much larger strides than average humanoids, resulting in a +10% movement speed bonus. This bonus increases to +25% at 5th level.

Boulder Throwing: At 4th level, a Hill Giant gains mastery of throwing large rocks at enemies.

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