Half-dragon cow

A dragon’s magical nature allows it to breed with virtually any mortal creature. Conception usually occurs while the dragon has changed its shape; it then abandons the crossbreed offspring. 

Half-dragon creatures are always more formidable than others of their kind who do not have dragon blood, and their appearance often betrays their nature – scales, elongated features, reptilian eyes, and exaggerated teeth. Sometimes they have wings.

Many Half-dragons show signs of their heritage from birth, While some attempt to hide their parentage and never come into the fullness of their powers, others embrace it and become warriors of renown. Still others do not even know, but upon discovering the proper lore can tap into the powers of their bloodline.

(Note:Upon taking the first level of this class, the character is mechanically considered to have begun the transformation to a true half-dragon. As she gains levels, she learns to make use of the powers that come with her lineage.)

(Note: You will lose your previous racial favored class for purposes of multi-classing.)

Requirements: Edit

Race: Any Humanoid, Planetouched, or Native Outsider

Feat: Draconic Bloodline or Bardic Music

Class Features: Edit

Hit Die: d12

Base Attack Bonus: High

High Saves: Fortitude, Will

Skill Points: 2 + Int modifier

Class Skills: Concentration, Craft Alchemy, Craft Armor, Craft Trap, Craft Weapon, Diplomacy, Listen, Lore, Parry, Search, Spellcraft, Spot

Total Levels: 6

Level Features Gained Draconic Ability Scores
1 Level Adjustment +1, Natural Armor +1,

Draconic Heritage, In The Blood

2 Draconic Acuity (Low-Light Vision) +2 Strength
3 Breath Weapon, Draconic Magic (Invisibility) +2 Constitution
4 Draconic Apotheosis (40%) +2 Strength
5 Level Adjustment +2 +1 Charisma,+1 Intelligence
6 Natural Armor +3, Draconic Acuity (Darkvision),

Draconic Apotheosis (100% and immunity to paralysis),

Breath Weapon (Improved), Draconic Magic (see table),

Draconic Flight/Remain Wingless

+4 Strength

Level AdjustmentTaking this template class adds a variable level adjustment to the character it is added to. The initial level adjustment is +1, which becomes +2 at 5th level. (Important Note: This means when adding Half-Dragon to a race which already has a level adjustment, those will stack; as an example, a Drow Half-Dragon will have a total level adjustment of +3 at 1st level, and eventually +4 if they take the full 6 levels of the template class.)

Natural Armor Increase: At 1st level, the Half-Dragon’s skin toughens and begins to grow scaly, granting her a +1 (stacking) natural bonus to AC. This bonus improved to +3 (stacking) at 6th level. (Note: if the character already has a stacking natural armor bonus from their base race, such as that gained by Yuan-ti Purebloods, one or more of these bonuses may not be gained.)

Draconic Heritage: At 1st level, a Half-dragon’s bloodline becomes apparent. She must confirm the type of dragon which sired her; this decision is reflected in other abilities gained during the course of the class. See the table below for details.

In The Blood: A Half-dragon’s Draconic Heritage influences their personality as well as their powers. If a Half-dragon is not already within one step of her dragon parent’s alignment, she moves within one step of that alignment on whichever axis she differs. 

Draconic Ability Scores: As the Half-dragon continues to embrace her lineage, her ability scores improve significantly. At 2nd, 4th, and 6th level she gains +2, +2, and +4 respectively to Strength. At 3rd level she gains +2 to Constitution, and 5th level +1 to Intelligence and Charisma.

Ability Score Total Gained
STR +8
CON +2
INT +1
CHA +1

Draconic Acuity: At 2nd level, a Half-dragon gains Low-Light Vision. At 6th level, this improves to Darkvision.

Breath Weapon: At 3rd level, the Half-dragon gains the ability to use a breath weapon based upon her Draconic Heritage (see the table below for details). This breath weapon grows more powerful at 6th level, and again at character levels 15 and 22 (if she has the full 6 levels of Half-Dragon). The breath weapon has a five-minute cooldown between uses.

Draconic Apotheosis: Beginning at 4th level, a Half-dragon begins to gain the immunities of her progenitor, becoming immune to sleep and 40% immune to an element or damage type based upon her Draconic Heritage. At 6th level she gains immunity to paralysis and full immunity to the element or damage type based upon her Draconic Heritage, with their racial type changing to Dragon. In addition, at 6th level some Half-Dragons grow wings (see below).

Draconic Magic: At 3rd level, a Half-dragon gains the spell-like ability See Invisibility. At 6th level, she gains an additional spell-like ability based upon her dragon type (see the table below for details). These abilities are cast as a caster of half the Half-dragon’s character level and are usable once per day.

Dragonflight/Remain Wingless: At 6th level, Half-dragons of certain races (determined by the availability of wings to be an appearance type) may sometimes grow wings. Dragons who grow wings gain the Wings feat and its inherent movement bonus, while those who remain wingless gain the Steadfast Determination feat.

Table HD1: Draconic Heritage Edit
Heritage Alignment Breath Weapon Immunity Draconic Magic
White CE Cold Cold Freezing Fog Provides 20% concealment and damages enemies in AOE
Black CE Acid Acid Thorn Body Piercing damage to melee attackers
Green LE Acid Gas Acid Resinous Skin DR 5/Piercing and opponents' weapons become stuck
Blue LE Lightning Electiricity Sparkshield Electrical damage to melee attakcers
Red CE Fire Fire Flameshield Fire damage to melee attackers
Brass CG Fire Acid Improved Avoid Planar Effects More powerful version of cleric spell
Copper CG Acid Acid Scintillating Scales Deflection bonus equal to Con bonus
Bronze LG Lightning Electricity Obscuring Mist 50% concealment within AOE
Silver LG Cold Cold Magic Circle vs. Evil Per the spell
Gold LG Fire Fire Prayer of Bahamut +1 to attack/damage and +2 to skills/saves
Amethyst N Concussive Force Poison (+4 to saves at L4, immune at L6) Energy Adaptation Absorb energy attacks
Crystal CN Brilliant Light Positive Concealing Amorpha, Greater Membrane provides 40% concealment to caster
Emerald LN Sonic Sonic Inertial Barrier Barrier provides DR 5/- to caster
Sapphire LN Subsonic Electricity Dimension Door Per the spell
Topaz CN Dehydration Cold Ectoplasmic Form Become insubstantial. DR 10/+2, immune to poison and critical hits, but your armor grows insustantial and no longer provides protection
Shadow NE Negative Energy Negative Energy Mirror Image Per the spell
Fang CN Constitution Drain DR 2/- at L4 and DR 5/- at L6 Shield, Greater +4 shield bonus to AC +1 for each 6 character levels and immunity to magic missile

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