Gate has been updated to have the creature summoned vary based upon caster alignment. Unlike Summon Creature spells, Gate results are called from the "Center" of the sides of the alignment graph. Good casters get the Good summon; CN and CE get the Chaotic summon, N and NE get the Evil summon, while LN and LE get the Lawful summon. These creatures are all equivalent in power to those conjured by Summon Creature IX, but are more focused on pure melee distruction, having higher hit points, AC, and attributes, but with fewer spell-like abilities. All have 3HD of Outsider, 7 levels of Divine Champion, and 10 levels of Frenzied Berzerker (but without the frenzy feat to avoid summons that wait around to activate it while their opponents are already whaling on them).

  • Good: Astral Deva
  • Chaotic: White Slaad
  • Evil: Sepid (Div)
  • Lawful: Marut (inevitable)

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