Frost giant

Like most giant types, frost giants are big, strong, and mean. Unlike some others, they are reckless and wantonly destructive, more likely to fight as a loose horde than in strict military formation. Their rebellious nature makes it likely for individual giants to strike out on their own to escape a tribal rival and come into contacts with groups of adventurers.

  • Ability Adjustments: +4 Strength, +2 Consititution.
  • Low-Light Vision: Frost giants can see in the dark up to 30 feet.
  • Natural Armor: Frost giants receive a +2 (stacking) bonus to natural armor.
  • Partial Immunity to Cold: Frost giants are extremely resistant to cold.
  • Large Size: Frost giants are Large creatures and can wield larger weapons, but cannot properly grip small weapons. They suffer a -1 penalty to AC.and attack rolls, a -4 penalty to stealth and detection rolls, and receive a +4 bonus to grapple and knockdown rolls.
  • Proficiencies: Frost Giants are proficient with simple and martial weapons, light armor, and shields.
  • Favored Class: Barbarian.
  • Level Adjustment: +3.

Frost Giants can take the Frost Giant Racial Prestige Class, a 7-level class which increases their ability bonuses, natural armor, and immunity.

Note: only male models are available for this race.

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