Feature Effect
Scaling The scaling of the encounters is two fold, for one they will scale difficulty by levels and ECL is counted in, but most often they are set to level limit of five subsequent levels. Also they scale by number of people within group, so while group grants safety it also attracts more foes. So even in larger numbers doubt not the danger a larger swarm of critters can do if they pick you alone.
Wandering In many areas the monsters will be wandering and seeking you out as much as you are seeking them out. This can be both beneficial and detrimental to your cause. Beneficial in manner that you can easier find singular foes, detrimental is that if you spend too much time idleing the creatures may come to you when you're unprepared.
Bosses Bosses can be found from most dungeons, but also most encounters have a slightly stronger miniboss, often a caster type to support the grunts of the foes. The true bosses will be quite apparent from the crowd of bosses, in any case, do not take them lightly, they are designed to fight groups and may very well be capable of defeating unprepared ruthlessly for the AI knows no mercy.
Elites You may eventually notice different types of monsters appearing, most notably he kind which has suffix within brackets, these are elite beings whom will gain new abilities based on the type of elite they are. The higher the level the being the nastier extra abilities they may gain. Also the greater the reward.
Items Monster encounters have two separate lists of randomized items, and they will equip from both. So you may very well fight a fiend wielding powerful blade and be able to achieve the said blade after defeating it. However to not give false marketing, this also is not always the case as frequency has been raised to give different types of randomized non-dropping items to keep things refreshing as well. They will also use potions or scrolls to aid themselves in combat.
Damage Reduction Large number of creatures in SCoD have damage reductions that will require different types of material. Most notably alchemical silver and cold iron, also some others. Alignment type weapons will also pierce some types of damage reductions. If you are unaware how to penetrate some damage reductions, ask your fellow travelers for further information as they may be more experienced. Also as a note, adamantium only penetrates adamantium DR, not all types despite common misconception.

The encounters may appear difficult at first, but they are not designed to be unfair. They are designed however to require greater strategy than rushing in blindly so it is advised that you akin attempt strategies. Running is an allowed strategy, and you will wish to use potions and scrolls.

Certainly some types of builds are able to simply bulk through it the same with the sheer power and if they find themselves bored toward the end with no challenge, so be it. It was their choice to select such form of build.

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