Level: Psion/wilder 6

Manifesting Time: 1 standard action

Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./ level)

Effect: Ray

Duration: Instantaneous

Saving Throw: Fortitude partial (object)

Power Resistance: Yes

Power Points: 11

Metapsionics: Empower, Maximize, Split Psionic Ray, Twin

A thin, green ray springs from your pointing finger. You must make a successful ranged touch attack to hit. Any creature struck by the ray takes 22d6 points of damage. Any creature reduced to 0 or fewer hit points by this power is entirely disintegrated, leaving behind only a trace of fine dust. A disintegrated creature's equipment is unaffected.

A creature or object that makes a successful Fortitude save is partially affected, taking only 5d6 points of damage. If this damage reduces the creature or object to 0 or fewer hit points, it is entirely disintegrated.

Only the first creature or object struck can be affected; that is, the ray affects only one target per manifestation.

Augment: Augmenting this power increases the potential damage output by 10d6. A creature making a successful save still only takes 5d6 damage.

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