DMFI consists of five buttons and is located at the top of your screen by default.

1 – Roll Ability allows you to roll your characters ability mods and saves with a d20. 2 – Roll Skill allows you to roll skills with a d20. You cannnot use certain skills without training. 3 – Roll Dice allows you to roll multiple dice of various types much like PC tools. Your first selection determines the amount of dice, and the second determines the faces of the die. 4 – Follow causes your character to automatically lock onto the selected PC or NPC. Your character will move towards the automatically and transition with them. 5 – Voice Entry allows your character to converse the languages that PC knows.


Follow is commonly used to bring fallen bodies out of dungeons, work around environmental glitches, keep a party together through transitions, and allow a DM to easily move an entire party of adventurers. To activate follow right-click a PC or NPC so they are selected, then click follow. To turn follow off, click the ‘CancelFollow’ box that appears.

While following a character you will transition with them no matter the distance between you and the exit. You will always move towards them regardless of line of sight. 

Voice Entry

Under the voice entry selection is all of your character’s known languages. Clicking on one of them will bring up an additional text entry box. The example below uses Elven.

Anything typed in this box will be ‘translated’ into Elven. Notice that no matter the languaage selected, the box will display 'Undercommon' as the current language. This is only a graphical glitch and does not select usability. It is possible to correct this visual bug by selecting the same language a second time.

Any text entered through will be turned into gibberish, stylized to represent the chosen language.

If your character knows the language, a translation will also appear in your combat log.

Due to system’s constraints, the amount of text able to be entered this way is smaller. Also, avoid using apostrophes because they cause unpredictable errors For larger amounts of text (or information you don't find necessary to block from players of non-fluent characters) you may denote the speech in some way, such as: [Elven] This is how Elven appears!

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