Basic Edit

Items can be crafted using the default system. All necessary ingredients can be purchased from Layla in the Grand Bazaar. Crafting with this system requires a mold, ingots, a smith hammer, and a blacksmith's workbench. Place the ingredients in the workbench and use the smith hammer on it.

Adamantine and mithral ingots are not available on this server, and items with their materials cannot be crafted via this system. As the server is set in the planescape, it is highly recommended to have weapons made of cold iron or silver, as there are many creatures (player and monster alike) whom are resistant to attacks not coming from one of those materials.

Wands and scrolls can be created just like in the base game. Bone wands and blank scrolls can both be purchased from Minerva in the Grand Bazaar.

Special Materials Edit

Besides the default system, there are recipes that require special ingredients and produce non-standard weapons and armor. These ingredients can only be obtained from monster drops, and require more skill to process. All weapons require Skill Focus: Craft Weapon, and all armors require Skill Focus: Craft Armor. The available options can be viewed here: Special Materials.

(18/12/15, Giant Weapons can be crafted aswell. They follow the Club, Greatsword and Greataxe templates)

Throwing Weapons & Ammunition Edit

Purchasing recipes from the Great Foundry allows creating ammunition and throwing weapons. The most basic types (basic, cold iron, silver) can be created in the field without a workbench. The available options can be viewed here: Throwing Weapons and Ammunition.

Traps Edit

Traps have been changed to be cheaper, easier, and also more powerful. Epic traps of all types can be made as well for those who invest heavily in the skills. The available options can be viewed here: Traps.

Golems Edit

Golems can be crafted through the use of the Craft Construct feat. Recipes can be purchased from select merchants. Each type of golem has specific requirements in ranks of specific crafting skills and caster level, and can only be built in one or more specific areas. Each golem also has an associated cost in gold and XP. All of this information is provided in the description of each individual crafting recipe. Note that characters with levels in the Golem Master prestige class can forgo caster level requirements, and also at specific levels see discounts in the gold and XP costs of crafting. Each golem also has "advancement levels", where higher ranks in a specific crafting skill will result in the creation of more powerful golems. Certain golems may only be crafted by characters with levels in the Golem Master prestige class.

When a golem has been created, what will actually be made is a Golem Control Device in the creator's inventory. These devices are non-transferable, so you may only create a golem for yourself. The device is usable 1/day to "summon" your golem into the henchman slot; thus the golem can be used simultaneously with magically summonned creatures, animal companions, and familiars, but not with hired henchmen or the special companions of Demonologists, Blackguards, etc. The Golem Control device can also be used to unsummon your golem, but please note that you will need to rest (to recharge the 1/day limit) to do so.

The Golem Control Device works a bit differently than other summoned companions. Should the golem die in combat, the control device is destroyed, and you will need to build a new golem to replace it.

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