Item Creation Feat Edit

Prerequisite: Craft Armor 5, Craft Alchemy 5

Specifics: A character with this feat can create any construct whose prerequisites it meets.

Special: This feat serves as the prerequisite for the Golem Master prestige class.

Crafted golems are an interesting option here in SCoD, and they work a little differently than your standard summons. With an expenditure of gold, items, and (in most cases) experience points, performed in the proper location (all of this is laid out in each golem's recipe), the character will create a Golem Control Device (GCD). The GCD can be used to summon and unsummon the golem. This device is non-transferrable, so a character can only craft a golem for themself to use, not to sell to others. In addition, a crafter with higher ranks in specific crafting skills will be able to craft a more powerful golem (more hit dice, feats, and in some cases additional abilities).

Golem recipes can currently be purchased from Root-of-Nine in the Merkhant Warehouse.

Unlike other summons, a crafted golem must be protected. Should the golem die in combat, its GCD will be destroyed; thus a wise golem crafter will keep a close eye on their golem's health. Fortunately, the golem appears in the Henchman summoning slot, meaning that it rests with you, and you can also have both a golem and a regular summon. However, the summoning of any other henchman (Demonologist, Shadowdancer, and Blackguard pets, or hired minions such as Night Market Thugs, Merkhant Constructs, or Slaad Stones from Mniitvak) will cause the golem to be unsummoned, and vice versa. Currently, regular healing will also work on golems.

Obviously, the best golems are going to be those created by the Golem Master prestige class. Golem masters can create golems for a lesser expenditure of gold, and can eventually entirely avoid the XP cost. In addition, at higher levels the golem will gain additional abilities granted by the Golem Master's class feats. Certain golems can only be created by a Golem Master; this will be shown on the golem's recipe.

Golem Recipes (Trade: * indicates that the golem can be transferred between players) Edit

Craft Construct Golems:

Golem Craft Alchemy Craft Armor Craft Weapon Advancement Requirement
Homunculus* 5 Craft Alchemy
Flesh Golem* 5 10 10 Craft Alchemy
Clay Golem* 10 14 14 Craft Armor
Brass Golem* 16 10 Craft Armor
Stone Golem* 12 17 17 Craft Armor
Iron Golem 18 18 18 Craft Armor
Crystal Golem 21 10 Craft Armor Class: Psion
Brain Golem 18 Craft Alchemy Race: Illithid

Golem Master only:

Golem Alchemy Craft Armor Craft Weapon Advancement Requirement
Clockwork Horror* 8 8 8 Craft Armor
Longbow Golem* 5 5 10 Craft Weapon
Nimblewight* 10 10 10 Craft Armor
Helmed Horror 5 15 5 Craft Weapon
Valorhammer 18 18 Craft Weapon Not evil, Not chaotic
Hellfire Golem 20 Craft Alchemy Not good, Not chaotic
Woodwraith Golem 22 16 Craft Armor Not evil, Not lawful
Demonflesh Golem1 10 22 Craft Weapon Not good, Not lawful
Bone Golem 22 10 Craft Armor Feat: Corpse Crafter
Mithril Golem 22 20 Craft Armor

1 Bug (2/20/17) This golem is currently bugged to be uncraftable.

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