Chat commands provide some useful features that are not provided by the default game.

In all examples below you should replace playername with your own character's name. All commands go in the chat bar (hence the name, chat commands).


As anyone who plays a character that shapeshifts/polymorphs you can be affected by the autosave function which occurs every time you transition (as long as 5 minutes have passed since the last save). This occurs on a majority of transitions. The save mechanics de-polymorphs you briefly while the save is made. Therefore any buffs that apply to your creature weapons or hide are lost as those items are destroyed and recreated.

To avoid this issue you can disable autosave.

Please keep in mind, if you do this, and you lose gold, items, xp, in event of server crash or otherwise quitting without manually saving, then DMs will not reimburse. Use at own risk!


/t "playername" autosave off

/t "playername" autosave on

Auto-Reply to TellsEdit

If you want to let people know you are AFK (away from keyboard), perhaps not wanting to respond to tells, or just want to set up an automatic reply to tells, you can use this command.


To set the auto response with the default AFK message simply use:

/t "playername" notell

To set with a custom message use:

/t "playername" notell message

To disable the feature

/t "playername" notell off


There can be times (rarely) that you may want to kill your character. This could be for RP reasons, or it could be that your character is suffering from a walkmesh issue or otherwise have a problem, and there is nobody to help you out. In this case you can use the suicide command, which will allow you to hit respawn. Be aware, death penalties will still apply.


/t "playername" suicide

Editing DescriptionsEdit

Ideally this one day should be converted to using an input box to make things a lot easier. However, until this is done you can use this command.


First off, a word in formatting. In NWN2 you will be used to using these symbols <> to give special formatting instructions. With this command, use the [ ] square brackets instead. So, instead of writing <i> for italics, write [i].

Additionally, carriage return is not possible without ending the command, so to make a carriage return use the $ sign.

The length of input is restricted using the in-game client and there is an instruction to use with this command to help with this. However, users of Skywing's client extender should be able to enter full length descriptions in one go.

To clear your current description use:

/t "playername" description del

To start a new description use:

/t "playername" description new text

To continue (append to) an existing description use:

/t "playername" description add text

Where text is your description.