This is not a glamourous page. This is not a popular page. This is where the bugs live. Find 'em! Link 'em! Zap 'em!

When a bug has been resolved, please use the strikethrough feature to cross it off the list. Try to keep things relatively alphabetized please.


Demonflesh Golem - Currently has issues with crafting.

Dragon - Path of the Claw breath weapon DC incorrect

Githyanki - Gaining a new undroppable, unremovable silver sword every login.

Holy Smite - Reported nonfunctional

Imbue Arrow - Imbue Arrow allows imbuement of arrows without the appropriate Warlock invocation, for Warlock AA's.

Moment of Prescience, Psionic - Incorrect bonus

Seeker Arrow - Currently not functioning with Crossbows. Likely to affect Slings as well.

Possible Bugs

Quasit - Natural Spell does not behave with Quasit Alternate Form.

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