The Bralanis are the wildest and most feral of their kind, existing from heartbeat to heartbeat in a glorious, never-ending passion. They can assume the form of a whirlwind.

Requirements: Edit

Race: Eladrin

Feat: Weapon Proficiency (Martial)

Base Attack Bonus: 2

Alignment: Neutral Good, Chaotic Good, or Chaotic Neutral

Class Features: Edit

Hit Die: d10

Base Attack Bonus: High

High Saves: Fortitude

Skill Points: 3 + Int modifier

Class Skills: Concentration, Diplomacy, Heal, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Spot, Tumble

Total Levels: 6

Arboreal Armor: A Bralani’s skin grows resistant to blows, gaining a +2 (stacking) bonus to natural armor at level 1, and a +1 (non-stacking) natural armor bonus at each successive level.

Arboreal Attributes: A Bralani gains an additional +1 bonus to Strength at 1st level, +1 to Constitution at 2nd and 5th level, and +1 to Dexterity at 3rd and 6th level.

Ability Total Levels Gained At
STR +1 1
DEX +2 3,6
CON +2 2,5

Alternate Form: A Bralani can shift between its humanoid and whirlwind forms at will.

Whirlwind Blast: When in whirlwind form, a Bralani can attack with a scouring blast of wind. This attack deals 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage, which increases to 2d6 points at 2nd level, 3d6 points at 4th level, and 4d6 points at 6th level (reflex DC character level for half damage). The save DC is 15 + Bralani level + the Bralani’s Constitution modifier. This ability does nothing when in humanoid form.

Damage Reduction: At 2nd level, a Bralani gains DR 5/cold iron or evil. This increases to DR 10/ cold iron or evil at 6th level.

Spell-like Abilities: At 2nd level, the Bralani can cast Blur, with a duration of 30 seconds per Bralani level. At 4th level, the Bralani can cast Lightning Bolt. This bolt is cast at one-half the Bralani's character level. Both abilities have a five-minute cooldown.

Arboreal Immunity: At 3rd level, the Bralani’s immunity to electricity increases to 50%. This bonus increases to 100% at 6th level.

Transcendent Strike: At 5th level, a Bralani can infuse himself with arboreal energy, gaining +1d4 damage vs. Lawful and +1d4 damage vs. Evil to whatever weapons he wields. This bonus lasts for 5 minutes.