The following base items have been changed or added.

Weapons Edit

Giant Weapons require a character size of 5 (Huge) to wield 1 handed or 4 (Large) to wield two handed. Large Creatures with Monkey Grip feat can wield them one handed. Medium creatures can never wield these weapons even two handed with Monkey Grip.

3 types of giant weapons have been added.:

Giant Axe: 3d8 (20 x3)

Giant Club: 4d4 (20 x4)

Giant Sword: 3d6 (19-20 x2)

Shields Edit

Shields provide a concealment bonus vs ranged attacks based off their type:

Light Shield: 10% Concealment vs Ranged

Heavy Shield: 30% Concealment vs Ranged

Tower Shield: 60% Concealment vs Ranged

Armor type: Clothes Edit

Clothes were changed from 10lbs to have the weight of only 1 lbs instead.

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