Following Animal Companions have been added:

  • Horse
  • Deer
  • Snake (high AC, strong venom)
  • Dog
  • Tiger
  • Lion

A new feat has been added to allow even more companions:

Improved Companion

Type of Feat: General

Prerequisite: Base Attack Bonus +8. Druid, Ranger or Cleric with Animal Domain. 

Specifics: Instead of an animal companion, you have a magical beast, vermin, plant or monstrous companion.

Use: Passive

Improved Companions:

  • Celestial Axe Beak (non-evil alignment only)
  • Deinonychus (???)
  • Treant (non-evil alignment only)
  • Shadow Mastiff (non-good alignment only)
  • Worg (non-good alignment only)
  • Hell Hound (Non-good alignment only)

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